Who I am

My name is Marco and on this page I try to tell something about my land, that is the Bolognese hills (in Italy), but also my sea, the Romagna Riviera where I grew up as a child. Traveling is my life. I lived in Ireland, in Galway, in a small village called Kinvara, then in Killarney, of which I have many memories but very few photos. I then spent a few months in Vienna, Austria, a truly liveable city. Last year I taught for six months in Seville, Spain, perhaps the city that best suits my character ... Let's see what happens in the future

Casa in mezzo alla collina con il tessto rosso, una stradina la raggiunge

In the large photo I have immortalized a house and the road that reaches it. I don't know if it is part of the territory of my country as I was at the top of the hill and the house was on the other side of it (I used a 75-300mm lens). In the photo below on the left I am in the same place and with the same objective, but I photographed the top of the hill opposite where the Sanctuary of Monte delle Formiche is located. The name of this mountain comes from the fact that, in September of each year, ants with wings go to die on top of this hill. Last photo, same place, same lens: many cyclists pass through here and then, from Bologna, the Giro d'Italia began today. But this is just one of the many cyclists who ride through the fields!

Guy studing in Viener room, Wien

Me in my Viennese room on a study afternoon. I have never had such a beautiful desk again. Although the German language is very difficult (but not impossible) for us Latins, that wooden desk and that window through which a little light always passed stimulated the study.

White roof in Seville

A not very touristic corner of Seville. In the days when I was looking for a room there, I explored this city in every inch. Too bad I only had a smartphone to take some souvenir photos.

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