Logos and vector graphics

Not only photography but also some graphics and some logos that, if you want, you can make yourself custom design from here or by writing to us directly on the email.

Here are some examples of the logos we are creating. 2D, 3D, black and white color, transparent, SVG, JPEG, EPS format.

logo, auto, grafica, design

Among others, one of the very first logos we tried to redesign was that of another site that we have been managing for years with great joy and, we must say, also quite successful. After many tests, changes and (even quite negative) opinions from people more capable than us, this new logo was born. 3D. A hibiscus, a tropical flower, placed on the site name written in three dimensions.

This is our first design of our new logo. We ditched the expensive 3D to try something a little different but still colorful.


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