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Travel Photography · 24. luglio 2021
Kastellorizo 30 years later...Mediterraneo
I had wanted to come here for years. Like many, I dreamed of visiting this island far from everything and everyone after seeing the legendary "Mediterraneo", an unforgettable movie directed by Gabriele Salvatores in 1991. But, for one reason or another, it had always been impossible for me to get here to Kastellorizo. Even just for a "day trip" of a few hours which, I assure you, is not enough to see everything properly.
Travel Photography · 19. gennaio 2021
9 lighthouses to see at least once in a lifetime
All lovers of travel, photos or the sea can only adore lighthouses: wonderful structures, a symbol of light and guidance, of land and freedom. Spesse volte i fari a picco sul mare celano storie, misteri e racconti interessanti: ecco, di seguito, una breve raccolta dei nove fari sul mare più belli del nostro Pianeta. Questo "viaggio" inizierà nel nostro Paese: visiteremo virtualmente tre fari, posti in tre posizioni strategiche
Travel Photography · 15. dicembre 2020
You know. generally the most popular season for long journeys is summer or perhaps spring but, very often even winter, even if less comfortable from a climatic point of view, offers such suggestive views as to pass every attempt at laziness and contact with the warmth of home, such as to make us want to leave to admire incredible places and take unique photos to enrich our portfolio.
Travel Photography · 04. ottobre 2020
In Lipsi there is no airport, no hospital, very few inhabitants and when I took these photos in 2018 (I didn't have the Reflex yet), mass tourism had not yet arrived at the end of June. People come here to be in peace, explore the island and enjoy the blue sea along with the splendid Greek sun.
Travel Photography · 04. ottobre 2020
Since I became passionate about photography and combined a love of travel and the camera, my way of seeing things has completely changed, even though I've been here long ago, I feel like I've never seen these islands. Walking for miles, turning around, waiting, getting lost, talking to people, made these ten days truly incredible.
Travel Photography · 30. agosto 2020
The Greek islands have always been a fixed destination for tourists from all over the world. Admired and loved for their colors, their traditions, scents and enchanted views, they become ideal destinations for a sea and sun holiday that for a photographer also turns into a perfect opportunity to immortalize unique images dictated by typical colors in which often the protagonist is the blue of the sea, the sky and the many windows of the typical village houses.
Travel Photography · 26. agosto 2020
I lived in Andalusia for 6 wonderful months. I remember the people, the good food, the endless nights and the beautiful landscapes. At the time I still didn't have my Canon and my lenses and photography was just a way to take home many memories of my Erasmus plus project, one of the best experiences of my entire life. Now, since I will definitely return to Seville and maybe some other city, but I don't know if I will ever have the time to explore Andalusia with all the calm of those days ...
Travel Photography · 16. agosto 2020
I know, maybe entering this page you would have expected photos of the castle or the Danube or maybe both. You will certainly find some but walking around the city you will also discover that there are so many wonderful unexplored corners that, before coming here, you have not even imagined
Travel Photography · 16. agosto 2020
When you arrive in Frankfurt you immediately notice the towering skyscrapers that have earned this German city the nickname of "Mainhattan" (Main is the river that crosses it). In reality, behind the banks, the hard work and the many construction sites that seem to compete between who will arrive higher to build the next tower or the next skyscraper, there is a lot of greenery, consisting of endless woods outside the city, a riverfront
Travel Photography · 16. agosto 2020
n this summer 2020 in which many Italians have returned to discover Italy, we too have decided to go with our Canon in search of some glimpses around our wonderful country. Ancona is not only the port city that everyone knows and from where many leave by ship for Greece or the nearest Croatia, but also an interesting and particular city from which to explore the Marche beaches in the area or the Conero Park.

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