9 lighthouses to see at least once in a lifetime

All lovers of travel, photos or the sea can only adore lighthouses: wonderful structures, a symbol of light and guidance, of land and freedom. Often times the lighthouses overlooking the sea hide interesting stories, mysteries and tales: here is a short collection of the nine most beautiful lighthouses on the sea on our planet.


This "journey" will begin in our country: we will virtually visit three lighthouses, placed in three strategic positions - one in the north, one in the center and the last, certainly not least, in the south. By widening the range, we will move towards Europe and finally towards the other continents.

1-Il Faro della Vittoria – Trieste, north  Italy

This lighthouse is the work of the architect Arduino Berlam who designed it and had it built shortly after the end of the First World War (1918). Construction began in 1923 and the work ended only four years later.
The lighthouse stands on the structures of the Kressich Fort complex, one of the most important positions of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the city, dating back to the mid-previous century ('800).

It must be said that, previously, there was a lantern but it was no longer suited to the needs of the port that is in the immediate vicinity; in addition to this, this lighthouse was to celebrate the passage of the city to the Kingdom of Italy - in fact, King Vittorio Emanuele II also participated in the inauguration of May 24, 1927 - and to commemorate and remember the fallen at sea during the Great War. It became a real symbolic monument.


We can define it as a special lighthouse because each element that composes it has a strong symbolic value: we find the Winged Victory (to praise victory and hope), the Unknown Sailor (as a tribute to the war dead), the anchor (in commemoration of the entrance of the Audace, the first Italian ship in the port of Trieste), the epigraph, the chain and the two bullets (underline how the light from the lighthouse serves not only to guide today's sailors, but also honors the missing and fallen ).

2 Faro di Punta Penna - Vasto (CH), Center of Italy

This is not an "ancient" lighthouse: it was built in 1906 and renovated several times later. The most important restructuring took place after 1944, the year in which the German army almost completely demolished it. Despite this, once the works were completed, in 1948 it was inaugurated again (and definitively).


This latest restoration gave the lighthouse the appearance we still see today.

It is an imposing monument: with its 70 meters high, it ranks second among the highest lighthouses in Italy. It is located on a promontory in Via Madonna della Penna, near the port of Vasto: a strategic point because it creates a real natural port. Next to the majestic lighthouse, there is a small church dedicated to Santa Maria di Pennaluce: it is a monument with firm historical roots. It was in fact built around 1400 and restored only over four hundred years later.


This church and its lighthouse have numerous legends concerning them, enveloping the place with charm and mystery. One of these tells that the statue of the Madonna della Penna, after being stolen by some Turkish pirates, was found in the same port where it was stolen and the ship of the bandits drowned while trying to escape. The desperate cries of the drowning pirates are still audible on stormy nights, from the top of the lighthouse.

3-Faro di Capo Miseno – Bacoli (NA), South Italy

It is a historic lighthouse (built in 1856) and very important: it not only serves as a guide for sea travelers but also marks the limit of the Gulf of Naples and Pozzuoli towards the Tyrrhenian Sea in the province of Naples.


This beacon connects to the myth of the Aeneid, a famous work by Virgil: it takes its idea from the name of a character, Misenus, the trumpeter of Aeneas, whose prodigies are mentioned in the sixth chapter of the writing.

4-Phare du petit minou – Brest, France

This lighthouse is located west of the Breton city and was erected in 1848 and "watches" over a small bay, ideal for those who love surfing or kite surfing and, for the less sporty, it is an excellent observation point of the sea. This place gives those who observe it peace and serenity and, at the same time, joy, happiness and wonderful colors.

5-Tourtilis Lighthouse – Andros ( Cyclades), Greece

The majestic lighthouse stands on a rock in the bay of the port of Andros. It was initially built in 1897 then destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt again in 1990.


It is said that the keeper of the structure is the soul of a sailor, who has fallen into the sea, who wanders and watches over the lighthouse and the island.

6-Lighthouse of the Madonnetta - Corsica Island, France

Imposing lighthouse that reigns over the city of Bonifacio,


located in the extreme south of the island. It is a square planted tower, placed behind a rectangular building in white and stone. The lighthouse stands out thanks to its red color.

It represents the emblem of our collective unconscious: we are always in search of technological innovations (it is in fact equipped with solar panels), but we remain linked to the ancestral archetypes of myth and mystery (there is a lighthouse keeper in flesh and blood).

7-Lighthouse Rubjerg Knude – North Denmark

In this place with an almost desert landscape in the far north of the country, this marine signal was erected at the end of the 1900s. Its grandeur overlooks the soft sand dunes and it is estimated that within a few years, this building will be returned to its place: the sea. (it is expected that I will collapse, given the ground on which it stands and the adverse weather conditions).

8-Lighthouse of Cape Otway – Cape Otway (Victoria), Australia

It is the third oldest lighthouse in the entire continent: it has been lighting boats without interruption since 1848.


The peculiarity of this tower is the countless number of legends concerning it. One of all, tells that there are four ghosts that populate the lighthouse area: one lives right inside, another frequents a nearby bar, the third flies over the Telegraph Station and the last is the spirit of a girl who lived at the end of the 19th century and died at the young age of 4.


Through the wooden ladder you reach the top of the lighthouse and, as you go up, you might have the pleasure of meeting some soul ... or who knows, maybe it could be dizziness!

9-Lighthouse of  Capo Lookout – Outer banks (Carolina del Nord, USA)

This ancient tower dates back to 1812 and was built of brick and wood. It was later renovated and made more secure. Its light illuminates the ocean and the strip of sand that outlines the coast of the state offshore.


A legend has it that, several years ago, a ship filled with gold and silver sank due to a violent and sudden hurricane - typical of the area. Whenever a storm arises, from the top of the lighthouse it is possible to see debris and clues that would lead back to this ship full of treasures.

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