8 photos of the Greek islands that will leave you breathless

Full moon in Village  Naoussa at Paros, Greece
Village ofNaoussa in Paros. Photo by Bill Anastasiou from Photo Adobe stock

The Greek islands have always been a fixed destination for tourists from all over the world.
Admired and loved for their colors, their traditions, scents and enchanted views, they become ideal destinations for a sea and sun holiday that for a photographer also turns into a perfect opportunity to immortalize unique images dictated by typical colors in which often the protagonist is the blue of the sea, the sky and the many windows of the typical village houses.

In this first photo, The full moon in the village of Naoussa, on the island of Paros. In a small village whose population does not reach 3,000 souls, the church and the vastness of the white houses stand out illuminated by artificial lights.
By the sea, people and restaurant tables full of life.

Oia, Santorini
Oia, Santorini. Photo by Crazy nook from Adobe photo stock

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most loved and visited islands in Greece. With its breathtaking views, especially at sunset, it also stands at the top of the most instagrammed Greek islands ever.

In this photo, a glimpse of the village of Oia, with its colors and the people "hanging" from the balconies to observe the sea.

Greek cat relaxes in the sun on the stairs of Santorini
Greek cat relaxes in the sun on the stairs of Santorini. Photo bylucky-photo da Adobe photo stock

We always stay in Santorini with this nice photo of a Greek cat that, between the stairs in the typical style of the place, seeks a bit of solitary relaxation away from everyone.
Behind it the infinite sea, islands and houses.

Glimpse of Kastelorizo
Kastelorizo. Photo by Freesurf from Adobe photo stock

Kastelorizo is a very special island of Greece, one of those a little off the tourist track but still very well known.
Made famous by the film "Mediterraneo" in which Gabriele Salvatores took Italian actors to unique places photographing forever a unique corner of Greece that otherwise would have remained unknown to many.
Although Kastelorizo does not have endless beaches, it has characteristics and a unique style that makes it loved by many people who return or come here every year.

Klima, Milos island at sunset
Klima, Milos island. Photo by veveridis from Adobe photo stock

This village in Milos is also very special. We are in the Cyclades and in this small fishing town each inhabitant has painted their door and balcony in a different color.
Each house overlooks the sea and the many small harbors coincide with the entrances to the warehouses or better, the boat garages of each house.

Mykonos and its narrow white streets
Mykonos and its narrow white streets. Photo by emotionpicture from Adobe photo stock

Mykonos is another very popular Greek thyristic destination and, to see from this photo, there is little doubt as to what the reason is.
Its charm goes far beyond its popularity dictated by the nightlife for which it is well known and, for the passionate photographer or the simple tourist, every corner can become an opportunity to take home a wonderful memory.

Kos Municipal Palace
Kos Municipal Palace. Photo by r_andrei from Adobe photo stock

Kos is an island to be explored with its beaches to live, up to the hilly part and the historic center with their history.
There is so much to discover and photograph here. Find a lot in this article full of photos of 2019 ... Many kilometers on foot in this divine island also rich in good food and fresh fish.
Don't miss it!

Agios Isidoros, Chios
Small church in Agios Isidoros, Chios. Photo by Freesurf from Adobe foto Stock

In this image all the typical Greek style drowned in the middle of the Aegean sea.
Between the rocks and the sea water, the white church with an orange roof and blue finishes of Agios Isidoros in Chios.
So much beauty.

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